May 26 That’s a Wrap! My last day as Miss NAIDOC Perth

Today I successfully complete and hand over my role as Miss NAIDOC Perth. It’s been an epic journey in many ways, and I’ve packed a lot in! I’ve already written a ‘six month report’ and plenty has happened since then (including swimming to Rottnest, 27 plane flights and moving to Canberra), so here’s a very brief overview of the three the biggest things I’ve been up to in the last six months.


I was elected as a national delegate to attend the Uluru Convention on Constitutional Reform.

I’ve spent my final three days as Miss NAIDOC at the historic Uluru Convention. I think it’s so fitting, that both the Uluru Convention and the completion of my role as Miss NAIDOC symbolise the closing of one chapter, but the start of a greater journey and bigger things to come.

In short, the past three days have involved 250 national delegates discussing and debating potential options for Constitutional Reform and practical steps towards Treaty (or Makarrata, as it is now being called). The group agreed to and issued the Uluru Statement From the Heart, and unanimously rejected the symbolic ‘recognition’ in favour of taking practical steps towards a Treaty.

I moved to Canberra, and joined Australia’s largest Indigenous Consultancy.

While Noongar Country will always be home, this year I made the decision to move to Canberra. Inspired both by the opportunities on the East Coast and the potential of a new job with PIC (PwC Indigenous Consulting), in March I made the move, and have been settling in since. I’m looking forward to establishing myself on the East Coast, tapping into new and national networks, and throwing myself into a job and workplace that allows me to pursue my passions, support Indigenous business and the Indigenous community at the same time. I’m exceptionally proud to be working for the ONLY Indigenous consultancy affiliated with a “Big 4 Firm” that is actually majority owned, led and staffed by Indigenous Australians. (IIn awesome news, the 2016 Mr NAIDOC for ACT also works here!)

I was named a 2017 Western Australian of the Year Finalist.

April brought the exciting news that my feats as Miss NAIDOC (specifically self-funding my role, advocating for Indigenous business and financial literacy, and co-Directing 100 Days of Deadly Mob), had been enough to not only get me nominated (six times!!) in the youth category, but result in me being named as a Finalist! The Winners are announced next week at an official Gala Dinner, and I can only hope that I will be given another platform to take things even further for my community and for financial literacy.

In signing off, thanks goes to those who supported me throughout my time as Miss NAIDOC. For those who gave me speaking opportunities nationally, to those who read and shared 100 Days of Deadly Mob, to those who supported Brianna and I to swim to Rottnest, to those who took me under their wings and mentored me… Thank you for fast-tracking my development, both personally and professionally. I can only hope that the 2017 Miss NAIDOC crowned tonight will be afforded these same opportunities, and that she will work hard and use this platform to advocate for her people, improve her community and represent her people as best she can. I will continue to do the same.

Shelley Cable

Welcome to Naidoc Perth

Welcome to Naidoc Perth

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